Local Gastronomy

Typical Wines
Pezinok vintage area is a part of Small Carpathian vintage region. Vineyards are to be found mainly on sunny south eastern slopes of Small Carpathian mountain. The local wine has a specific taste thanks to good climatic conditions and the compositions of soil. Typical wines which are produced in the vineyards around Pezinok include: White wines:
  • Rizling vlašský (Welschriesling) - is typical for its gentle scent of lime tree and meadow flowers and fruit bouquet, fresh, spicy taste with characteristic acids, golden yellow color with a spark of sun
  • Rizling rýnsky (Rhine Riesling) - yellow color with a fine smell of lime tree flowers and peaches, sharp, even aggressive taste, spicy with pleasant acids
  • Veltínske zelené (Green Veltliner) - fresh, scent of almonds, fruit bouquet nice green yellow color
  • Müller Thurgau - slighty spicy geranium bouquet, lower contents of acids, fine green yellow color
  • Silvánske zelené (Green Silvaner) - wine of green yellow color, fine smell of green leaves, full harmonic taste
  • Iršay Oliver - light wine with aroma with a pleasant taste of geranium
  • Ruland white wine - yellow color, full body, stronger acids, slight smell of breadstuffs, it has the highest quality when it matures
  • Geranium Ottonel - yellow color with the smell of geranium, full taste
Red Wines:
  • Svätovavrinecké (Saint Laurent) - has dark red even ruby tastes after fruits with fine acids, which evoke a pleasant harmonious taste. It gets highest quality when maturing in wooden wine barrels
  • Frankovka blue - has a typical bouquet after fresh fruits, fine cinnamon taste, adequate contents of tannin and lower acids create a perfect wine dark ruby even grenade color

Regional specialties
The traditional food of the Small Carpathian region included a wide variety of different kinds of flour dishes, which were consumed mainly by farmer families.
People used to cook different kinds of soups including typical bean, lentil, peace, garbanzo soups, or a very popular horseradish sauce as well as other kinds of sauces including dill, pumpkin, potato, tomato and mushroom sauces.
For every holiday or celebration in the region, special kinds of specialties were prepared, mainly tradicional cakes and cookies. Currently the most popular regional specialty includes goose with lokše(special kind of bread similar to tortillas)a wine with pagáč.